Free Fun Vocabulary Games For Middleschoolers

As a student progresses from elementary toward high school and college, strong vocabulary skills become increasingly important. Vocabulary skills are needed to write high school-level papers, college entrance exam essays and applications and job applications. Vocabulary skills continue to be developed in middle school for these reasons. A wide variety of free vocabulary games are available online.

Root Word

Understanding the root word is important identifying the meaning of a word. Middle school kids can improve this skill with games like “Dividing the Root Word” and “Root Word Meaning Match.” “Dividing the Root Word” requires students to separate the root from the rest of the word. “Root Word Meaning Match” asks you to match a root word on one side with its definition on the other side. There are versions of this game available for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Identifying the prefix or suffix of a word is useful in determining the overall meaning of that word. Online games like “Prefix or Suffix Division” games and “Meaning Match,” which works using the same concept as the previously-mentioned game, help students learn what these additions to familiar words mean. The “Division” games require students to separate the prefix or suffix from the rest of the word, while “Meaning Match” provides the word and the student must select the appropriate meaning.

Antonyms and Synonyms

The identification of antonyms and synonyms help a student improve his vocabulary. Games like the “Basal Reader Word” match for either antonyms or synonyms is similar to the classic memory game. The student’s job is to find the corresponding synonym or antonym for the word he flips over. This game is available for students in sixth, seventh or eighth grades.

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Idiom is another word for slang. It is important to learn about idioms because much of the meaning of speech is lost without this understanding. Different versions of the “Slang Game” help us to understand idioms better. These games require the student to match the idiom to the object it refers to. Some of the available slang games include animal, food and money games. These are available for sixth, seventh and eight graders.