Garbage Truck Games

Garbage Truck Games

Like big rigs and ocean freighters, garbage trucks hold a certain strange attraction for some gamers. Perhaps it’s the need to simulate work that few would want to do in real life, to relive prior experiences or simply to enjoy the virtual experience of wheeling around one of the biggest and most powerful vehicles in city limits, but many people yearn to play some of the most fun and realistic garbage truck simulators ever imagined.

“Big City Rigs: Garbage Truck”

Niche software provider ValuSoft continues in their tradition of providing strange and original titles (they also make a John Deere Tractor title) with “Big City Rigs” (BCR). This game uses the same physics engine as their other big truck games, and the truck handles about like a bob-tail tractor trailer. BCR has 32 missions integral to the career mode, including special missions that force you to deal with toxic waste, construction waste and more.

Graphics are generally good and are about what you’d expect for a PC title with the RAM (512 MB), processor (1.7 Gh) and Video Card (Direct 3D 128MB Directx 9.0) requirements that this one has. It is available for Windows Vista/XP, and you can download a free trial version before paying the $19.99 for the full version.

“Garbage Truck Simulator Deluxe”

The sprawling metropolis of Urban City is simply swimming in refuse, and game developer Contendo thinks you’re the one to set the city free. This is the highest-reviewed game in this admittedly small niche and has a highly developed physics engine and a fairly immersive career mode. This game plays a little like Monopoly; you start with a little bit of money and one truck and build, hire and fire your way to the top of Urban City’s waste management pile.

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The city is massive, detailed and interactive, with interesting pedestrians and a variety of lighting and weather conditions. Simulator Deluxe has most of the same system requirements as BCR, costs the same, and works on the same platforms. It does, however, require a 2-4 Gh processor.

“Grand Theft Auto”

If you like your trash-picking adventures a little more on the dangerous side, it’s tough to beat Grand Theft Auto (PC, PS2 and Xbox). GTA fans are already well-acquainted with the game’s adult nature and 100+ different vehicles, among which are firetrucks, tanks and garbage trucks. One of the side missions is called Taking in the Trash and involves simply escaping from a bunch of murderous thugs. Once you complete the mission, you could take the fun further by looking for and carjacking another truck, or you could just cheat and spawn one out of thin air. On PC versions of GTA, simply enter the cheat code “RUBBISHCAR” at any point during game-play. Enter “Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right” to unlock the Trashmaster on PS2, and enter “B, R Trigger, B, R Trigger, Left, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, B, Right” to unlock it on Xbox.