Geforce Fx 5200 Agp Specifications

The GeForce FX 5200 AGP card was released by Nvidia in 2003. The card was built to be the least expensive card capable of running Direct X 9 applications, so the components were on the lower end of what was available at the time. Even with the lower-end components, the card was well-suited for general use in most computers at the time.


The GeForce FX 5200 is an 8x AGP card capable of fitting into an AGP 8x slot on your motherboard and delivering 2.1 gigabytes of bandwidth between the card and the system. It is also able to fit into AGP 2x and AGP 4x slots. The 5200 is the standard length for an 8x AGP card at 6.5 inches in length. The card also has a low height profile since it is 2.6 inches high. There is a fanless heatsink fastened above the graphics processor.

Processors and Memory

At the heart of the card is a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics processor, after which the card is named. The processor was made with a .15 micron manufacturing process, which gives it 45 million transistors. The FX5200 comes with either 128 megabytes of DDR SDRAM or 64MB of DDR SDRAM. The 64MB version is the same as the 128MB version in every other aspect. The memory is rated at 3ns and has a clock level of 266 megahertz. The card has dual RAMDACs clocked at 350 MHz and an overall clock speed of 250 MHz.

Resolution and Ports

The GeForce FX 5200 can support 12 different resolutions starting at 640 by 480 and going up to 2048 by 1536 at 75 Hz. The card can also support TV outputs up to a resolution of 1024 by 768 and HDTV outputs at 1080i. On the face of the card you will find a 15-pin D-sub VGA port, and S-Video port and a DVI port. The DVI port can be used with flat panel monitors up to a resolution of 1600 by 1200.

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Shading and Rendering

The FX 5200 supports Direct X 9.0 and OpenGL 1.5. The card supports Direct X pixel shader 2.0 and can handle pixel programs up to 1024 instructions. The card also supports Direct X vortex shader 2.0 and can handle vortex programs with 256 static instructions and 65,536 instructions. The 3D rendering engine on the FX5200 has 128-bit floating point precision, but can also support 64-bit floating point and 32-bit integer modes.

Operating system

The GeForce FX 5200 can be used with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The card also can be used to run the Linux operating system. Most version of Windows Vista will work with this card, although without many of the new major features in Windows Vista.