Get A Better Resolution On A Standard Vga Graphics Card

Software drivers must be installed to unlock the functionality of a standard VGA graphics card.

When an operating system — such as Microsoft Windows 7 — is first installed, it may not have all of the software needed to make the video card operate at the full-color depth and display resolution that your monitor is capable of handling. The software drivers must be installed to unlock this functionality of a standard VGA graphics card. With the driver software installed, better resolutions are available for configuration.


1. Insert into the computer the driver CD that came with the video card. If no such CD is available, download the driver software from the video card manufacturer’s website.

2. Run the installer program. If installing from the manufacturer-provided driver CD, the installer runs automatically after inserting the disc. If the driver software was downloaded, double-click the downloaded file to being the installation process.

3. Click “Next” to accept the default settings for the video card drivers.

4. Click the “Finish” button after the driver software is installed.

5. Restart the computer.

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