Get A Job At Warner Bros Studios

Network online for Warner Bros. job opportunities.

Warner Bros. Entertainment is one of the oldest Hollywood institutions, incorporated in 1923 by the four Warner brothers. As of 2011, the company owns a vast catalogue of more than 60,000 feature films, television titles and animated titles. Located in Burbank, California, the company employs around 10,000 people around the world. Because the company is experiencing growth, new job opportunities are constantly available, as well as internships. Employees are offered mentor opportunities in addition to competitive salaries. Warner Bros. also provides exciting perks such as private movie screenings and insider sessions with actors and producers.


1. Visit Warner Bros. career website and learn about the company’s history and philosophy to get a sense of how the company operates. While you’re on the site, read the short vignettes from current employees to learn about the culture and pace of the company. The site also offers a directory of current job listings, and you can apply directly online.

2. Follow Warner Brothers on Twitter. They post employment news and frequent updates about opportunities for internships and employment. Staff from the company responds directly to questions posted on the site.

3. Create accounts on job and industry discussion boards and join the dialogue. You’ll have access to insider information from experienced job hunters and employees in your field and you’ll find opportunities to learn more about the industry.

4. Visit the studio in person if you live in the area. Take a tour to become familiar with the surroundings. It may help you feel more oriented during the interview. You may find an opportunity to network while you’re there. After the tour, visit the offices to deliver your resume or portfolio in person.

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5. Read books and reputable publications written by industry professionals that demystify Hollywood studios and provide insight into gaining successful employment. Stay current on new developments that affect your field through trade magazines and studio websites. Technology has introduced major changes for studios and created new fields of opportunity that didn’t exist a few years ago. At the same time, many positions are no longer in demand.

6. Intern for a semester or a few months if you’ve recently graduated. The company frequently offers full-time salaried positions to interns who perform well. Post a question on Warner Bros.’ Facebook wall. The page is dedicated to disseminating information about current internship opportunities and encourages inquiries.

7. Volunteer in your neighborhood to gain some community service experience. Warner Bros. is committed to corporate responsibility and encourages volunteerism. Employees and executives participate as volunteers for several company-sponsored community programs. A resume that highlights your volunteer efforts will reflect the common values you share with the company.