Get Sober After Drinking

Get Sober After Drinking

If you put back a few too many, you may find that you are drunker than you want to be. Particularly if you have early morning plans or just feel plain bad, you may need to sober up quickly. Your liver has to process all the alcohol so don’t expect quick results. Time is the only factor that can truly make you sober. While there isn’t a way to sober up instantly, there are things you can do to encourage the process.


1. Drink several glasses of water. As a diuretic, alcohol is severely dehydrating. You can prevent a hangover by consuming lots of water. The water will also help to flush the alcohol from your body more quickly, helping you to get sober.

2. Opt for a few glasses of fruit juice. Most fruit juices contain Vitamin C and fructose, which will help your liver process the alcohol more quickly.

3. Eat something. Choose foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein. Alcohol zaps energy stores from your liver so you need to replenish those as soon as possible. You may feel more hungry than normal after drinking–that’s your body’s way of telling you that it needs more fuel to get sober.

4. Exercise. When you move around, your body’s systems perk up. Exercise causes increased circulation, which helps to expedite the recovery process. You’ll find that you process the alcohol more quickly when you stay active.

5. Drink a glass of milk. It will coat your stomach and prevent nausea as well as absorb some of the alcohol from your stomach.

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6. Rest. Your body will be fatigued from the work it’s done to process the alcohol. You’ll need adequate sleep to fully recover.

7. Take a cold shower. The cool temperature will awaken your senses and pull you out of your drunken slump.

8. Concentrate on something. Read a book or complete a crossword puzzle. By focusing on a particular activity, you’ll force your brain to work. It will be difficult, but it can help you pull yourself away from the inebriation somewhat.