Glitter Animations That Are School Appropriate

What you bring to online interactions can be as important as what’s in your backpack.

Glitter animations are motion GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) files that sparkle with animated shine. There are a variety of sites providing glitter animation GIF files for use in email signatures, comment postings and multimedia projects. However, not all glitter animations are appropriate for use in school projects, bulletin boards or online forums. There are several types of glitter animations that can be safely used in such situations.

Seasonal Animations

If presenting a digital school project on a particular holiday or season such as Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving, one way to spice up your work is with glitter animations appropriate to the theme. Several sites provide seasonal glitter animations (see Resources). It’s rare to find any objectionable content such as nudity or bad language in such animations, as seasonal fare tends to be family friendly and inclusive.

School-Themed Graphics

Several sites offer glitter animations unified by an academic theme, with pencils, workbooks and school-related paraphernalia lent a dash of sparkle. Glitter animations pertaining to school can be used in school promotional material or in posts on school groups within social networks such as MySpace and Facebook. Targeted at school-children, such animations don’t employ inappropriate language or imagery.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters aimed at kids, such as the Smurfs or Scooby-Doo, are regularly used in glitter animations that are suitable for school presentation. While some cartoons such as “Family Guy” or “South Park” employ content inappropriate for school-age children, kids’ cartoon characters can be found in glitter animations that won’t offend the sensibilities of young or old. Such animations can be used in projects on the show in question or just to demonstrate your love for the character.

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Custom-Made Animations

Instead of trawling endless websites, you can make your own animation. Online tools (see Resources) allow you to type in the text of your choice and add sparkle to it, choosing your own font, color and letter size to create that graphic that says not just what you want it to, but exactly the way you want to say it.