Glitter To A Profile

Glitter enhances a profile page.

As you create an account with an online area, such as a social networking community, you are provided with a profile, which is the page that contains the content that you choose to share with the public. This profile typically displays your information, such as your screen name and a biography, but you also have the option to add glitter images to enhance your text. These glitters are anything from sparkly pictures to animated comments. Use an Internet generator to create a glitter feature and get the code you need to add it to your profile page.


Use Glitter Graphics

1. Bring up the Glitter Graphics website and click the “Glitter Text” or “Glitter Graphics” option (see Resources).

2. Scroll through the page to view the glitter offerings, or click a category name under the “Navigation” section to quickly access the graphic that you want. Click on the picture that you like to make your selection.

3. Click the “Add directly to myspace” link, select a section like “About Me” from the drop-down menu and log in to your MySpace account using the window that appears to automatically add this glitter feature to your profile. Alternately, click the “download image” link to access this graphic file and then use your profile account’s method of uploading the picture to make it appear on the page.

Use Spark Lee

4. Point your browser to the Spark Lee site and enter the desired content in the “Text” text field (see Resources).

5. Use the remaining text fields and drop-down menus to style your text. For example, click inside the “Size” box and enter a number to determine how large your graphic appears and click the “Font” drop-down menu to select a typeface. Click the “Create Glitter Text” button when done.

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6. Click a button, such as Facebook or Twitter, to log in to your account and publish the sparkling picture to your profile page. Optionally, copy the code that displays in the “Embed code” text box and paste it into another profile.

Use Glitter Joy

7. Launch the Glitter Joy website and click a title under the “Menu,” “Graphics” or “Profile Themes” section. Each section contains offerings that display glitter animations.

8. Review the list of offerings that appears. Copy the code underneath the image that you want in the “HTML Code: Comment, Website, Blog” text field.

9. Paste your code into the profile page of your choice. Your glitter feature now displays on the site.