Glitter To Graphics For Free

Glitter brings attention to your digital images.

Glitter graphics add eye-catching features to your social networking profile. You can take any digital photo and enhance it with glitter to personalize it and create a festive look. Although graphics applications are traditionally used to achieve this effect, online glitter generators allow you to do this without the software and at no cost.


Add Glitter

1. Access a free photo file host like TinyPic or MediaFire. Click the “Upload” button and follow the prompts to place your picture on the hosting server. Record the url that automatically displays at the end of the process.

2. Launch the Add Glitter website and enter your image’s url in the text field under the “Add glitter to any photo” section. Click the “Continue” button.

3. Click a picture under the “Glitter Color” and “Glitter Type” box to apply these styles to your photo. Click the “I’m Done!” button when finished.

4. Copy the code that automatically displays in the text box. Paste this code in an online area, such as your blog, to make the glitter graphic appear.


5. Bring up the Blingee website and click the “Make a Blingee now!” button.

6. Click the “Choose File” button and select your picture file from the dialog window that displays. Click the “Make a Blingee” button to upload your photo and then click the “Your image is ready, Click Here to Continue to the Next Step” link when it appears. This hyperlink displays after your graphic is done uploading.

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7. Click an option under the “Stamps” section to choose a glitter type and then click your picture to apply the sparkle. Various menus are available to apply designs.

8. Click the “Save” button and then click the “Your image is ready, Click Here to Continue to the Next Step” link to access your finished design. Enter the required information, such as a title, in the provided text fields and then click the “Save” button.

9. Sign up for a free account on the registration page that appears; otherwise, bypass this step by clicking the “Skip this step, and signup later?” link at the bottom of the page.

10. Copy the link that appears under the “Short Link to this page” section and paste it into an Internet area where you want your sparkle photo to display.


11. Point your browser to the Pazoen website and click the “create graphic” button.

12. Click the “Choose File” button to load your graphic. Alternately, click the “Internet image” link to enter the url of your picture or click the “Webcam” option to take a picture with your computer’s camera.

13. Click a glitter style to select it and then click your graphic to apply the effect on your image. Optionally, click additional menu items like “Text” under the “Options” heading to enhance your design. Click the “Save” button when finished.

14. Click the “Click here to continue” link when it displays on the page and then click the “Copy Code” button to access the code that makes your image appear on a webpage. Paste your glitter graphic code where you want it to appear.

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