Graphic Artist Job Description

Graphic Artist Job Description

Graphic artists analyze, plan and create visual solutions. They accomplish this through applying specialized techniques within various forms of media, from website design to corporate branding. This innovative career requires specified training, as well as an eye for design.


For most entry-level position, a bachelor’s degree is preferred. For technical positions, an associate degree is often sufficient. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) accredits 250 post-secondary institutes with programs of art and design.


The basic duties of graphic artists are to design and create graphics that meet the specific guidelines of commercial or marketing needs, such as displays, packaging or logo design. They may be required to utilize a variety of media in order to achieve the desired artistic or decorative effects.


Some graphic artists are involved in the layout and the production of print media and publications, web pages, and marketing design efforts requested by businesses and corporations. Graphic artists may also be known in the following titles: graphic designer, creative manager, designer, desktop publisher, creative director, composing room supervisor, artist, and design director.


Common forms of technology that may be used within this occupation are laptop or desktop computers with design software, laser printers, graphic tablets and scanners.


About a quarter of graphic artists work freelance and are self-employed. Also, many do freelance work on the side, while also maintaining a salaried job.

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