Graphic Design Programs For Mac

Several graphics creation and editing programs are available for Mac OS.

Apple computers are widely utilized by designers, photographers and artists due in large part to the extensive number of graphics creation and manipulation software programs available for the Mac operating system. Programs are available in a range of capabilities, from simple desktop publishing programs to programs with professional-grade photo editing and design capabilities for use in publishing, web design and media communications.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a sophisticated drawing program utilized across design, web and video production. Illustrator allows users to create designs utilizing precision form-building tools, distinct brush patterns and shape controls. Users can also manipulate graphic gradients and transparency through the program’s color-meshing capability. The program features advanced typography capability, which allows users to create and manipulate fonts and graphic characters. Adobe Illustrator works with several different graphic file formats, including PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PSD. The program also has the capability to integrate projects with other Adobe design applications.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac is a photo manipulation program that allows users to integrate and manipulate photos into graphic design projects. The program has the capability to resize photos without distortion. Adobe Photoshop Elements also grants users the ability to eliminate unwanted items from photos and add alternative elements from preexisting graphics or other photos. Photoshop Elements contains a wide variety of templates with which users can add photos to greeting cards, letterheads and other printed creations. Photoshop also offers a “guided edit” option for beginner users, which guides inexperienced designers through the photo editing techniques.

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Acorn design software by Flying Meat, Inc. was lauded with an Eddy Award for Excellence by the Macworld convention in 2009. Acorn’s editing platform is designed to provide a no-frills, simple editing platform for graphics and photographs that is easily operated by inexperienced users. The program supports raw image files and allows users to harness graphic editing techniques such as dodging, burning, cloning, smudging, render filtering, color picking and cropping. The program also has the capability to export projects into portable, web-ready file formats that can be compressed into smaller file sizes.

Cornucopia 3D Vue 8 Pioneer

View 8 Pioneer is a specialized graphic design program for Mac that allows users to render 3D graphics for use in artistic design, video, gaming and the web. The program’s terrain creation capability allows users to create diverse, photorealistic three-dimensional landscapes with the skill of an expert 3D artist. View 8 Pioneer also has the capability to create animated backgrounds to liven presentation graphics, documents and DVDs. The licensed version of the program comes complete with free access to a helpful community of users who can assist with technical questions and creation queries, along with direct access to preset content and templates for the program.