Graphics To Your Myspace Profile

Newbies to MySpace always ask the same question: how do I spruce up my profile to make it look more appealing? In just a few minutes, you can make your profile as flashy as you want, and all you really need to know is copy and paste.


Browse and Select Graphics for Your MySpace Profile

1. Log into the MySpace Web site by entering your login information on the home page (see the Resources section below). Create an account using the ‘Sign Me Up!’ link if you haven’t already. Keep this page open in a separate window so you don’t have to keep referring back to it as you open other sites.

2. Search Google for a Web site (see the Resources section below) that hosts graphics for MySpace profiles.

3. Search graphic elements by function. Contact tables will be grouped with other contact tables, for example.

4. Choose themes from the Web site’s menu. Many sites offer categorized searches, bundling such categories as ‘Music,’ ‘Cartoons’ and ‘Nature’ into separate pages.

5. Click on the images or the links associated with your selected graphics. This will send you to a page containing the necessary HTML code.

6. Highlight the HTML code by clicking and dragging with your mouse..

7. Copy the HTML code to your computer’s clipboard by using Control-C, Open-Apple-C or the right-click menu on your mouse.

Put Graphics on Your MySpace Profile

8. Return to the MySpace page you’ve kept open.

9. Click the ‘Edit Profile’ link in your profile box.

10. Paste the HTML code (using Control-V, Open-Apple-V, or the right click menu) into the ‘About Me’ text field. Consider including the

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function to separate any code from actual text in your ‘About Me’ section.

11. Click the ‘Preview Profile’ button to make sure your graphics are displaying correctly. Back up and make changes in case there are any errors.

12. Confirm that your graphics are correct by clicking ‘Save All Changes.’ Your changes will now be live on your MySpace homepage.