Hannspree Hannsbook Specs

The Hannspree Hannsbook computer is a small netbook running the starter edition of the Windows 7 operating system. With its small physical form factor and support for wired networking, wireless networking and optional Bluetooth connections, it is designed for take-anywhere computing. Its full range of inputs and outputs make it easy to use with most peripherals or, thanks to its built-in Web camera, without any additional peripherals.

CPU, Memory and Storage

Hannspree uses two different Intel Pineview processors in the Hannsbook — the Pineview N450 running at 1.66 gigahertz and the N470 running at 1.83 gigahertz. Both feature 512 kilobytes of level 2 cache memory and a 667 megahertz front side bus. The Hannsbook comes with a Tiger Point NM10 chipset and 1 gigabyte of DDR2 memory, as well as either a 160 or 250 gigabyte SATA hard drive.

Graphics and Display

The Intel Pineview processor in the Hannsbook also includes an integrated GMA3150 graphics processor. It drives the computer’s 10.1-inch diagonal widescreen LED-backlit TFT display with a resolution of 1,024 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. A typical display generates a 500-to-1 contrast ratio and has a brightness of 200 candelas per square meter.

Multimedia Capabilities

Like most computers today, the Hannsbook comes standard with stereo audio, speakers and a headphone connection. It also features a digital microphone and a 1.3 megapixel Web camera built into its case.

Ports and Connectors

Although it is quite small, Hannspree nevertheless fount room for a full range of connectors on the Hannsbook. In addition to its wireless 802.11b/g/n networking and optional support for Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, it also has a standard wired LAN port which supports speeds as high as Gigabit Ethernet. Its multimedia system benefits from a VGA output, microphone input and speaker output, as well as a media card reader which can accept SD, MMC and Memory Stick flash media. Its three USB 2.0 ports allow it to connect to just about any other type of peripheral, as well.

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Size and Weight

Like most netbooks, the Hannsbook is quite small, measuring just 10.4 inches wide, 8.0 inches deep and between 0.9 and 1.3 inches thick. Its weight varies depending on whether it is equipped with a three or six-cell battery, with three-cell units tipping the scales at 2.6 lbs. and longer-lasting six-cell computers weighing 2.9 lbs.