Have The Perfect Pregnancy In The Sims 3

Have the Perfect Pregnancy in The Sims 3

In “The Sims 3,” having a perfect pregnancy gives you the ability to choose two traits for your baby, which will affect what kind of person she is for the rest of her life. A less-than-perfect pregnancy will result in one or two randomly chosen traits, which could be anything from grumpy to insane.


1. Make sure your pregnant Sim’s motives stay up. Pregnancy will make motives go down faster than they normally would, so pay special attention to your pregnant Sim and keep her motives high.

2. Keep her happy. Sim happiness is based around moodlets. Simply getting a good night’s rest or eating a nice meal will boost her happiness. Have music playing around her during the day for an extra boost.

3. Pay attention to the wishes she has during pregnancy, as well as her partner’s, and satisfy them. If she’s having back pain, her partner might get a wish to give her a massage. After she starts to show, her partner also might get wishes to talk, rub, or listen to her belly. They both might wish to buy things for the baby, read pregnancy books and the like. Sometimes she might wish to eat something in particular. Pay attention to these wishes: She’s having cravings for a reason. Fulfilling your pregnant Sim’s wishes also will give her a “fulfilled” moodlet that will boost her happiness.

4. Go to the hospital and ask for medical advice. It costs a few hundred simoleons to do this, but it’s well worth it.

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5. Read pregnancy books. The more your Sim knows about her pregnancy, the better, and most of the time this will even appear as one of your Sim’s wishes. You can buy pregnancy books at the local bookstore.

6. Take her to the day spa and buy her a spa package. This will keep her stress-free for quite a while, adding a moodlet and boosting her happiness for a number of days, depending on how much money you spend.

7. Make sure she has the baby at the hospital. The new parents will come out of the hospital with their child and a screen will come up announcing the gender of the baby and how many of the two traits you get to pick. If you had a perfect pregnancy, you’ll be able to choose both.