Help Elementary Kids Write Paragraphs

Help elementary students learn to write a paragraph.

When elementary students learn to write paragraphs, the end product can be choppy, unfocused and be out of order. Learning and following a specific pattern to paragraph writing may help these children learn to write a proper paragraph. Use a model of a hamburger to illustrate the ingredients of a paragraph.


1. Draw and cut out the different parts of a hamburger out of construction paper. You need a top and bottom of the bun, a hamburger, ketchup, mustard and pickles.

2. Write the word “topic” on the top bun. On the bottom bun, write the word “conclusion.” On the hamburger and other condiments, write the word “detail.”

3. Explain to the students that they are learning the parts of a paragraph. Tape the top of the bun to the board and tell them that the top of their paragraph should be the main idea or topic sentence.

4. Layer the hamburger and condiments below the top of the bun and explain how these ingredients are the juicy details of the paragraph.

5. Place the bottom of the bun underneath the ingredients. Explain to students that the bottom of the bun is made up of the same thing as the top and represents the concluding sentence of the paragraph. Explain to students they can do this by restating the topic in a different way.

6. Model the process with your own paragraph. Have the class identify each ingredient of the paragraph — the topic, details and concluding sentences.

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