High School Classes To Help You Prepare For Photography

High school students can begin preparing to major in photography.

A career in photography can be fulfilling for creative individuals. It is ideal for high school students who want to major in photography to begin preparing for this career pathway. While many high school students begin by taking photographs in spare time or joining an after-school photography club, taking related courses can be beneficial. Certain high school courses can help students develop a better understanding of the foundations of photography.


Many high school art departments offer photography classes. Students will be introduced to many of the important elements of photography, including various types of cameras, the best lighting for a photograph and developing pictures. High school photography classes will also allow students to take a wide array of photographs, ranging from portraits to landscapes. In addition to learning about the fundamentals of photography, students will also generally need to work in teams to critique work and find ways to improve photographs.

Graphic Arts

Graphic arts courses can be beneficial for students who are planning to become photographers, as digital editing plays a significant role in the photography world today. High school students should become familiar with programs that are used to edit photographs, such as Adobe Photoshop, according to the Brooks Institute. Since students will be required to take graphic arts courses when the students enroll in a photography degree program, it is ideal to get a head start on learning photo editing techniques.

Fine Arts

Photographers should have a good artistic ability, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. High school students should take as many courses in the fine arts as they can, ranging from introduction to art to drawing and painting. This will help a student develop a natural artistic ability and talent, while introducing the student to new techniques and artistic movements. Photography degree programs generally require students to take courses in fine arts, so it is beneficial to learn the fundamentals of fine arts while still in high school.

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It is ideal for students who intend to major in photography to take courses which will help develop communications skills. Some courses that would be beneficial include communications studies, public speaking and drama. Although artistic ability is essential for photographers, a photographer should also be able to communicate effectively. Many photographers will work with other people at some point to shoot weddings, engagements, school pictures or even fashion advertisements. Being able to effectively communicate and direct during a photography shoot is important.