How Should The Five Paragraph Essay Be Written

Teach your child to write with the five paragraph essay model.

The five paragraph essay comprises five separate paragraphs of information. One of the most basic essay forms, the five paragraph essay often acts as a teaching tool in English and language arts classes for K-12 students. While the information changes per topic, the outline remains the same. Also known as a five point essay, the five paragraph essay includes an introduction, three separate body paragraphs and a conclusion.


1. Choose a topic. You can write an essay on nearly anything from things and places to ideas and events. The teacher may give you a topic rather than you coming up with one on your own. If you must choose, pick something familiar to you or at least something you’re interested in.

2. Brainstorm three main ideas or pieces of evidence pertaining to your topic. This information will comprise your body paragraphs and can also add to your introduction.

3. Complete the introductory paragraph with the main ideas of your essay. Try to start with an interesting fact to grab the reader’s attention. Finish with a thesis or topic sentence that includes a quick statement of your three ideas supporting the claim. A thesis must not exceed two sentences in length, but one sentence is favorable. The thesis culminates your main argument.

4. Write three separate paragraphs to form the body of your essay. The body compiles all of the evidence that supports your theory. The first body paragraph should contain your most powerful and persuasive evidence and the third paragraph, your weakest evidence.

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5. Culminate the essay by restating the main points and your thesis. The fifth paragraph, known as the conclusion, wraps up the essay. The first sentence should restate your thesis from the introduction.