I Can’T Change The Bass & Treble On My Dell Laptop

Configure your Dell’s sound settings through Windows Media Player.

If your music is drowned out by the thump of the bass or sounds tinny, the bass and treble is most likely unbalanced on your laptop. While Dell laptops with the Sigma Tel Audio sound card are unable to configure the laptop’s sound settings, you can adjust the bass and treble through Windows Media Player’s graphic equalizer. The equalizer balances your audio’s levels by default and can be changed to increase or decrease various effects of songs played in Windows Media Player.


1. Open Windows Media Player and click “Library” in the program’s menu.

2. Click “Music” and double-click a song to begin playback.

3. Click “Switch to Now Playing” at the lower-right corner of WMP.

4. Right-click the window and move the cursor to “Enhancements.” Click “Graphic Equalizer.”

5. Click the Default tab, and click the music genre to adjust the equalizer levels to the specific genre. Alternately, click and drag the equalizer tabs to adjust the sound.

6. Click the right arrow to scroll to SRS WOW effects, and click “Turn On.”

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