Ideas And Mini Lessons For Guided Reading

Support students’ reading skills by incorporating guided reading lessons into the classroom.

Introduce guided reading groups to the class to give students more individual attention so each child experiences success. Within the group, the teacher models correct reading techniques and is able to quickly assess students’ comprehension. The teacher and students read a book together, with the teacher acting as a facilitator to encourage the students’ independent reading.

Book Walk

The teacher previews a book with the students before reading, to teach pre-reading techniques. The teacher first instructs students to look at the title, pictures, table of contents, index and captions. As she models this, she shares with students what she is thinking, to display her mental process when searching for a book to read. Students then make predictions about the book based on these strategies. The book walk helps with comprehension when the student makes connections between his background knowledge and the book’s information.

Search for a Word

For a vocabulary activity, the teacher provides sticky notes for each member of the group. She then instructs students to look at a particular page or paragraph of the reading selection. The teacher says the definition of a word and students search the page for the correct word to write on the sticky note. If students have trouble locating the correct word, the teacher provides additional clues until students find it.

Word Graphic Organizer

The student selects a word in the reading that he does not understand and writes it in the center of a sheet of paper. He continues reading to learn the context of the word. He then checks the dictionary to confirm the word’s meaning. Next, he writes the definition on the paper and includes the word in a sentence. He then draws a picture or symbol on the paper to represent the word.

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Think Pair Share

The teacher asks a question about the reading selection. Each student thinks about the question independently and searches for the answer. Students then pair up and read the information together to compare answers. The pair then shares findings with the group. Ask open ended questions for this guided reading activity to elicit higher order thinking skills and prompt discussion.