Identify A Pc’S Video Card

Computer video cards are key to 3-D graphics and gaming.

Even the most experienced computer-system builders sometimes have to identify an unknown video card or other component. This is necessary to determine whether a particular software program is compatible with that computer. Opening up a machine to visually inspect its hardware is not ideal, whether it’s an office computer or a family member’s laptop. That’s why Windows features several utilities that allow you to view hardware configurations. Among these, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool can be used to identify a computer’s video card.


1. Click the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen to open the “Start” menu.

2. Enter “Dxdiag” in the field labeled “Search programs and files” at the bottom left of the “Start” menu in the Windows Vista desktop, or in the “Run” field in Windows XP, then press “Enter.” The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open.

3. Select the “Display” tab toward the top left of the application to see information about your video card, including its name and type, manufacturer, chipset and memory, and video RAM.

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