Identify An Intel Graphics Card

Every computer with some form of display device, such as a monitor, connected to it requires a video card to produce the image on the screen. Many computers have video cards integrated into the motherboards. Other computers have a separate discrete video card that produces the display image. Determining the type of video card installed in a computer is important for finding the appropriate driver software. Microsoft’s Device Manager utility lets you determine if your video card is produced by Intel.


1. Click the “Start” button on your desktop.

2. Right-click “Computer.”

3. Click “Manage.”

4. Click “Device Manager.”

5. Expand “Display adapters.”

6. Double-click the listed display adapter.

7. Click the “Details” tab.

8. Click to select the “Hardware IDs” property. If the “VEN” number is listed as “8086,” the video card is produced by Intel. Other numbers represent different hardware manufacturers. The “DEV” number is the actual video card in the system.

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