Import Directories From Daz Studio Into Carrara 6

Daz Studio is a freeware 3D graphics and animation program marketed by Daz 3D. Users can load both free and purchased 3D models of various sorts into the program and use them to create basic animation. Daz 3D also sells a program called Carrara that has a wealth of features that Daz Studio doesn’t have, including modeling, atmosphere and terrain creation, and instancing (that allows the terrains to be populated with plants). While with the current version of Carrara it is fairly easy to import the Daz Studio directories into Carrara for use. But with Carrara 6 the process of getting Daz Studio content into Carrara is more complicated and can only be done a bit at a time.


1. Open Daz Studio. Go to the library folders on the left and select a figure you would like to use in Carrara. Drag it into the scene. Then drag onto the figure any textures, clothing, hair or other props you would like to use. The program will automatically conform them to the figure.

2. Click on the “Pose” tab at the top. Then use the tools in the “PowerPose” panel to pose the figure the way you want it in the scene.

3. Select “File” and click “Save.” Name you file and save it so you have a copy in case the export process goes wrong.

4. Select “File” and click “Export.” From the options choose “Collada” as the file type, name your file and save it.

5. Open Carrara. Select “File” and click “Import.” Browse to the file you exported in step 4 and open it in Carrara. You can now position the figure where you want it, save it or render it.

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