Insert Bones In Cinema 4d

Add bones to your figures in Cinema 4D.

Animation has become more prevalent in recent years, thanks to the development of CGI (computer generated) animation. This use of 3-D models, and specifically 3-D posable figures and characters, has revolutionized the industry. The figures appear in movies, television and video games. Their creation involves several different specialties, such as the modeling, texturing and UV mapping. But one of the most important jobs in the overall process of creating a 3-D figure is the rigging, a process in which characters are fitted with the rig or “bones” that make it possible to pose them. In Cinema 4D, the rigging process is simple.


1. Open Cinema 4D. Select “File” from the menu and choose “Open.” In the dialog that appears, locate a model you have created that you would like to add bones to and open it. Select the body part you want to work with.

2. Select “Bone Deformer” from the “Deformer” menu. Go to the “Attributes” palette and change the tool so it matches the angle of the body part you want to add a bone to. For example, if you are adding a bone to the neck, the tool will be working in the “Y” direction.

3. Choose “Bone” from the options in the “Object Manager.” In the “Attributes Manager,” make the length of the bone the same as the body part that you want to add it to.

4. Go to the “Object Manager” and drag the bone over the cylinder. In the “Attribute Manager,” select “Bone” and choose “Fixation.”

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5. Return to the “Object Manager.” Right-click on the listed “Bone” and choose “Cinema 4D Tags.” From the options, choose “Restriction.” Then choose “Vertex Map.” You should now be able to use the “Rotate Tool” to pose that part of the figure. Repeat this process for all of the other parts. Save your work.