Install A Pci E Video Card

Installing a video card is a simple process.

Video cards in modern computers are used to help animate complex 3D objects and improve play back of video files. When building a media or gaming computer, a quality video card is a must. Installing such a video card, especially the modern PCI-E video cards, takes only a few moments. Be sure to work in a well-lit area.


1. Power off your computer and unplug both the power cable and any wires leading into your current video card.

2. Remove the side panel from your computer tower by sliding it to the rear and place it to the side. Depending on the style of tower you use, you may have to use a screwdriver to loosen or remove screws.

3. Locate your PCI-E slot on the motherboard. It will be easily identifiable as it is the longest expansion slot on the board, split between one long dash and a short dash.

4. Align your card with the PCI-E slot and push inward until it locks into place.

5. Close your computer tower and reconnect the cables to the rear of your computer.

6. Power on your computer and let it boot into your OS. If you are running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, your computer will recognize the new hardware and both download and install the latest drivers automatically. If running on Linux or Windows XP, continue to the next step.

7. Insert the driver disk that came with the PCI-E video card into your CD drive. After a moment, a window will appear with a series of options. Click “Install,” agree to the terms of service and click “Install Drivers” to install the default drivers for your video card. The rest of the process is automatic.

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