Install Direct 3d

3-D adds realism to PC games.

Direct3D is part of the DirectX application. It can display 3-D animations and pictures needed to play computer games. DirectX must be installed before Direct3D, because the two are bundled together. Once enabled on a computer, the user can play 3-D videos and games. Both applications are free and available to anyone with an Internet connection.


1. Go to the website of the DirectX application (see Resources).

2. Click on the latest download link for the newest version of DirectX. Click “Download” and “Run.” Wait for the installation menu to appear.

3. Click the button next to “I accept the agreement.”

4. Click “Next” twice to install DirectX.

5. Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

6. Go to “Start” and “Run” on your desktop.

7. Type the phrase “dxdiag” and press the “Enter” key. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool menu will appear.

8. Click “Display” and “Enabled” on the menu where it says “Direct3D acceleration” and “DirectDraw acceleration.”

9. Click “Save all information” and “Exit.”

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