Install Directx 9 0c

DirectX 9.0c consists of multimedia applications designed to improve computer game play by enhancing graphics, 3D animations and audio playback on Windows-based computers. DirectX 9.0c includes DirectShow, which improves hardware rendering speeds, performance and security updates. For avid games or professionals who work with multimedia programs such as video editing tools, photo editing and audio recording, installing DirectX will take your input quality to a higher level. The best part is that it is completely free.


1. Go to Microsoft’s DirectX 9.0c download page (see Resources).

2. Click “Download” and then “To Download.” Click “Run.” The download will begin. When it is complete, an install window will open automatically.

3. Click “Yes” after reading the terms and agreements. Click “Browse” and select a location directory to install DirectX 9.0c.

4. Click “OK.” The download program will copy the files and install DirectX 9.0c on your computer.

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