Install Download Accelerator

Download Accelerator, known as Download Accelerator Plus as of July 2010, is a program available for free download that will help you speed up your Internet downloads. It also offers the ability to continue downloads that were cut off, which would ordinarily result in a failed download, and to pause downloads in the middle of downloading.


1. Launch your preferred Web browser and navigate to the Download Accelerator Plus download page.

2. Click the “Download” button and select a location on your hard drive to which to save the install file. Click the “OK” or “Save” button, depending on your browser, to begin downloading the installation file.

3. Launch the installation file once it has downloaded. Select “Full install” on the new window that pops up, and click “Next” to start the automated installation process. Once this process is finished, Download Accelerator Plus will be installed on your computer and ready for use.

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