Install Macromedia Flash Plugin

As website designs have become more and more intricate, graphics and videos have become common on many of the most popular pages. However, most of these sites require a plug-in called Macromedia Flash Player in order to enjoy them to their full potential. Macromedia Flash Player allows movable 3D graphics to be displayed with ease while surfing the net. It is a very powerful application, yet doesn’t need the fastest or newest computer to use it. Any computer with a processor speed of 450MHz and at least 128 MB of RAM will be able to use the most up-to-date of Macromedia Flash Player.


1. Go to the Adobe Macromedia Flash Player website (see the Resources section).

2. Click on the yellow “I Agree and Install Now” button. The software will now download. Clicking the “I Agree” button indicates you approve of Adobe’s License agreement.

3. Select “Save File” when asked if you would like to save the downloaded file to the computer.

4. Double click the newly downloaded Macromedia Flash file. It will appear in either a Download Window or as an icon on the desktop. The icon is a red box labeled “Flash Player.”

5. Select “Run” when asked if you would like to run the software. The pop up window that asks this is large and will have the Macromedia Flash Player file name in bold at the top.

6. Exit all Internet applications. This includes your browser, Microsoft Outlook, Instant Messengers and iTunes. This is required because Macromedia Flash Player cannot be initiated on a program while it’s open.

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7. Select “Continue.” Macromedia Flash Player will now install onto your system. Adobe Macromedia will create its own file in the Program Files Folder.

8. Verify the version of Flash Player at the Adobe Flash website (see Resources section). By doing this regularly, you will always know if you have the latest version of Flash Player installed, which is often required to run graphics on the newest Web pages.