Install The Ati Radeon With Intel Onboard Video

Some Intel motherboards come with an onboard video chip that provides limited graphic capabilities in lieu of a separate video card. If you later decide to add in a discrete video card, such as the ATI Radeon, the Intel onboard video may interfere. You can disable the onboard video card so the ATI Radeon can be used without any conflicts between the card and the motherboard’s chip.


1. Go to “Start.” Type “devmgmt.msc” in the search window. Click the “devmgmt.msc” entry once it appears in the search results. The device manager appears with many different hardware entries.

2. Click “Display Adapters” to access the onboard video card drivers. Double-click the Intel graphics chip to access its properties. Clear the check mark labeled “Exists in all hardware profiles.”

3. Restart your computer and return to Device Manager and the Intel’s graphics properties. Check “Disabled in this hardware profile.” Shut your computer down.

4. Pull the power cable, peripheral cables and the monitor cable out of your computer. Unscrew any fastening screws holding the side panel of the computer case. Slide the panel off. Your case may not have any screws holding on the panel but instead buttons, latches or a side window to open. Allow the computer to cool down before going inside the case.

5. Remove the metal cover to the side of the video card’s interface slot. The ATI Radeon comes in PCI, AGP and PCI-E versions. All three of these interface slots are in the same area of the computer case, in the lower left hand side. You can match up the Radeon’s metal tabs with the slot or check the graphic card’s box to find out the proper interface. Slide the card’s tab into the slot with firm pressure along the entire card. Secure the ATI Radeon into the computer by screwing it into the case chassis where you removed the slot cover at. Connect the power cable into the back of the card and close the case. When you reinsert the cables in the back of the computer, put the monitor cable into the ATI’s interface port and not the motherboard.

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