Interview Questions For A Graphic/Web Designer

Graphic and web designers must be sharp during interviews.

Graphic or web designers are interviewed by potential employers or, if freelancers, by potential new clients. Interviews are critically important and must be taken seriously. As a graphic or web designer looking to land a full-time job or steady contract work, you should be well-dressed, polite and prepared to answer some commonly asked questions


Be ready to provide answers to some general questions about your overall views of graphic or web design and the company with which you are interviewing. For example, what skills do you think a successful graphic or web designer should possess; from where you derive inspiration for designs; what you find challenging about graphic or web design; and what you find appealing about working or designing for your prospective company. Formulate your responses and research a little about the company before heading to the interview.


Count on being questioned about your portfolio pieces. Even if you have sent design samples (or included a website to view online samples) along with your resume, it is beneficial to show printed designs in person and explain a little about each piece. Web designers must have online portfolios with active links to personally designed websites. Some common questions about your work might include how you formulate the design concept, what your role was in designing a project, what computer design program(s) and techniques you used in a piece and what the client wanted to achieve with a piece.

Work Experience

Questions about prior work experience or past or current clients give interviewers an idea of your skills and ability to work with deadlines and as part of a team. These questions might cover how previous design jobs or your educational background helped you develop as a graphic artist or web designer; what job duties you had; or what coworkers you worked closely with at past design jobs.

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Anticipate thought-provoking questions to get a feel of your personality and enthusiasm for design, such as how your design abilities would fit in with the company; what got you interested in taking a graphic (or web) design career path; or what you find exciting about graphic (or web) design. Further questions might ask you to evaluate yourself as a designer, including your strengths and weaknesses, your work under pressure of a deadline and how you handle criticism of your designs.


Interested interviewers might ask for your desired salary. Sessions College for Professional Design suggests giving a negotiable range of pay, unless you are definitely being offered the job. Take experience, geographic location, job position and company size into consideration. Freelancers will be asked for cost estimates on certain design projects. Remain competitive by offering fair prices, but make sure you are being paid well for the time and creativity you expect to put into a project.