Learn 3d Studio Max

3D Studio Max is a type of CAD (computer-aided design) program used frequently to make animated films and other digital artworks.

3D Studio Max (also known as 3ds Max) is a CAD (computer-aided design) program used frequently to make animated films and other digital artworks. To become proficient in using 3D Studio Max, learn the following broad skill sets: 3-D model creation and editing (i.e., modeling); moving in 3-D space; lighting scenes; and applying materials to the objects you create. Additional skills include rigging characters (which means adding poseable skeletons to characters) and creating animations and physics simulations, such as realistically bouncing balls. Of the skills just listed, you only need to move in 3-D space and understand a few modeling tools to begin using 3ds Max.


1. Begin modeling a house by clicking in the “Perspective” viewport and clicking the “Box” button in the pane at screen right. Click and drag anywhere on the viewport’s grid to make the box’s base any size you want. Release the mouse and drag upward to grow the box’s height to any size. Click to end creation of the main body of the house.

2. Learn to shape 3-D models by adding a roof to the house. Begin by right-clicking the box and selecting “Convert to editable poly.” This action converts the box into a set of polygons that you can edit (i.e., shape).

3. Right-click the box again and select “Polygons,” which selects the box’s polygons, as opposed to its edges or individual points, for shaping.

4. Left-click the box’s top to select it. Then right-click it and select “Inset,” which is a tool that lets you subdivide a polygon into more polygons. This action is needed to form the roof.

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5. Click and drag on any edge of the box top to shrink the new polygons. Drag until the center polygon shrinks to a line, then right-click to release the “Inset” tool.

6. Press the “W” key, which runs the “Move” tool. You’ll use this tool to pull the roof up. Drag the “Z” axis of the colored “Move” tool until the roof’s height reaches the height you want, then click the mouse to release the tool.

7. Add a material to the house by first pressing “M” to enter the material editor. Press the square, blank-faced button next to the “Diffuse” color swatch, then double-click the “Wood” item. This creates a new material with a wood texture.

8. Click on any of the house’s sides to select the side. While holding the control key, click the house’s remaining sides to group-select them all.

9. Click the sphere displaying the wood material you made in Step 7, then drag the sphere onto the group of selected faces of the house. This action will assign the wood material to the house. Display the wood texture by pressing the material editor’s checker-textured button whose tool tip reads “Show Standard Map in Viewport.”

10. Create a realistically shaded picture of your house by pressing the “F9” key, which activates the 3D Studio Max rendering function.