Learn Animation For Free Online

Learn Animation for Free Online

Animation is the art of bringing drawings to life and adding motion to the drawings. There are several types of animation styles that range from Flash animation to animated cartoons and 3D animation. Regardless of the type of animation that an animator ultimately decides to work with, learning the art of animation starts with initial lessons. With the invention of the Internet, online courses allow new animators or those interested in learning animation a chance to learn without the expense of formal classes or the purchase of books.


1. Select a website that offers free animation tutorials. There are several tutorial websites available that offer a wide range of animation tutorials for free. Always pay attention to the website’s time limit or tutorial limit before signing up because some websites offer a limited number of tutorials free before charging while others do not charge anything. Avoid websites with a tutorial limit as these might not offer enough information to learn animation for free.

2. Start tutorial lessons. The lessons will differ in computer requirements based on the type of lesson, but most will require some animation software such as Flash or Photoshop. If your computer does not have the software, you will have to get the software and install it before starting. The only tutorials that will not require any software are animated drawing tutorials, which are based on the original animating styles drawn by hand rather than drawn on a computer.

3. Practice the animation. The only way to learn animation online is through practice. Online learning is challenging when compared to classroom learning because there is not a teacher giving time limits or offering help and advice. The only way to overcome the lack of a hand-on teacher is to be self-disciplined and scheduled adequate practice time.

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4. Create a personal style. After learning the basics of animation, it is possible to combine different styles to create your own personal style.