Learn Animation Online

Learning to do animation can be a lengthy process. There are several ways to learn animation skills. Taking a college course is one way. Reading books on the subject is another. A third option, particularly of interest to anyone who can’t afford college courses and who may have trouble learning from a book without the benefit of an instructor, is the Internet. There are animation experts online who enjoy sharing their knowledge at no cost to help others learn the art of animation in the comfort of their own homes. Take advantage of one of these free online courses to make your animation dreams a reality.


1. Choose a website that offers both Flash and Photoshop animation tutorials. The website should offer a good selection of Flash video animation and traditional animation techniques in Photoshop. Steve’s Tutes is a free online animation course that offers a comprehensive library of tutorials designed to get beginners started in the art of animation (see resources). The lessons are given in lengthy video formats you can pause, rewind and watch over and over. The lessons also include animating for the web and Java animation. Thad Clevenger, a former online entertainment animator with Sony, is the video instructor for these lessons.

2. Visit Steve’s Tutes and jump right into the lessons by selecting a lesson category from the top menu. You can start wherever your area of interest lies. Each video lesson is easy to understand and includes a complete demonstration of all the techniques discussed, so learning is as simple as following the steps you see in each video. Start by creating a basic slide show in the “Flash 8” tutorial section. If you understand the basics of create a simple slide show, try the “Actionscript 3.0 Actions Panel,” which will get you familiar with the basics of creating animated scenes and objects.

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3. Create your own animations using the techniques you learn. Each of these videos walks you through the process of creating an animation. After each video lesson, create your own animation from scratch while keeping the video tutorials open for reference. Using these video lessons, even someone who has never attempted animation before can quickly create professional animations. These online animation tutorials make the process easy.