Learn Rhino 3d

The right training helps you master complex design software such as Rhino.

Rhino (rhino3d.com) is a 3-D modeling tool available for the PC and Mac. This software program is useful for industrial design, jewelry design, marine design, aircraft design, architecture or any other design field that requires complex 3-D computer modeling. Rhino enables you to create free-form models with extreme precision, in collaboration with design teams of any size. Making the most of Rhino’s powerful and sophisticated features requires training and practice to achieve optimal results.


1. Download the evaluation software at rhino3d.com/download.htm. The trial version of Rhino offers all the functionality of the paid version, but allows you to save only 25 times. You can continue to use the software for training purposes after 25 saves, but the save functionality no longer works. Plug-ins also stop working after 25 saves.

2. Read the Rhino user guide, which you can download at rhino3d.com/tutorials.htm. This guide helps new users to learn basic Rhino features and techniques. You must have installed the latest version of Rhino before the site allows you to download the user guide.

3. Take a Rhino training course. The Rhino website offers an extensive collection of Rhino training material, including books, lessons, video tutorials and industry-specific training guides, such as Rhino for jewelry design or car modeling. Training content is available on CD, on DVD and online. Most self-paced Rhino training courses are inexpensive or free.

4. Optionally, take an instructor-led course if you learn best from hands-on training with a live instructor. Although this option is the most expensive, classroom-based training can help you learn faster and master complex skills. The Rhino website offers a detailed list of on-site Rhino training classes around the world. Rhino also offers several instructor-led courses online.

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5. Experiment with the software. After familiarizing yourself with Rhino and taking some training courses, practice what you’ve learned. Grow your skills by trying new features and techniques. Rhino is a complex program that requires experience to master. Be patient, and give yourself time to learn Rhino.