Learn Software Design

The prevalence of computer software in our lives increases daily. Useful and cleverly designed software exists everywhere from home computers to cell phones. Learning software design can be the start to a lucrative career in an ever-expanding industry. While enrolling in a two-year or four-year college program or technical school is recommended, you can also find cost-efficient ways to learn software design independently.


1. Decide which programming language you would like to learn first. Be sure to study one programming language at a time. Familiarity with C++ is a great starting point for eventually learning more software design programming languages.

2. Download a free trial of beginner programming language software such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Cocoa for Apple. These programs walk you through the basics of software design using simple programming languages. Follow the Visual Studio and Cocoa links in the Resources section below.

3. Search and study an online tutorial for a simple programming language like C++. Follow the “CPlusPlus.com” link in the Resources section below for such a tutorial.

4. Find a mentor. Seek the guidance of an experienced programmer to oversee your progress.

5. Design small, simple games to hone your software design prowess. Do this to exercise your computer programming language knowledge regularly. Design more complicated games as your programming language understanding and comfort level grow.

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