List Freelance Design Projects On A Resume

Add a freelance design project to your resume to demonstrate self-starting.

A resume is a crucial tool for freelancers; keeping your resume up to date ensures that you can respond to new job opportunities quickly. If you have a design project you completed as a self-employed professional, don’t leave it off of your resume because it is not a standard job. Instead, include it as another example of your expertise and ability to self-manage a project; it will also help explain a gap on your resume, if you finished the project between full-time jobs.


1. Go through the job listing of the opening you seek and pick out key requirements and skills that relate to your design project. Consider things other than the design itself, like creative thinking, project management, client communication and demonstrable end results. By starting with a clear idea of why the design project is important, you will be better able to place the project on your resume.

2. Make a job category on your resume specifically for freelance work. Set it up in the same way you have separated the other major categories on the resume, like education and special skills. Use the heading “Freelance Design” or “Freelance Work”; if you have a traditional work experience background as well, simply add the freelance section above or below it depending on importance and relevance to the open job.

3. Set up the design project listing as you would any other job. List the job title in bold as “Designer” or add additional descriptors depending on the type of project: “Graphic Designer” or “Web Designer,” for example. Underneath or next to the title, list the company name, following the same format you use in the rest of the resume. Include the dates of the project.

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4. List the design project details underneath the title and company name. Include three to five bulleted lines, each with a different accomplishment, responsibility or skill. Choose things that are not reflected in your other work experience listings. You might include the software you used, how you managed outsourced contributors, or the impact your design had on the company’s sales or marketing.

5. Give a more substantial design project the weight it deserves by listing it as a regular job; this is particularly effective for a project that lasted more than three months. In that case, add “consultant” to the job title, as in “Website Design Consultant,” to give it more importance. List the job under your main work experience category.