List Of Adobe’S Motion Graphic Software For The Web

Create motion graphics by adding a layer mask.

The term “motion graphics” has a variety of meanings, which is perplexing since it seems to be self-explanatory. Graphic designs turned into motion is one possible definition, but it leaves out some components. A better definition of motion graphics would be the following by Louis Sandhaus, from from “Los Angeles in Motion: A Beginner’s Guide from Yesterday to Tomorrow”:

“Motion graphics describes a broad field of design and production that embraces type and imagery for film, video and digital media including animation, visual effects, film titles, television graphics, commercials, multi-media presentations

…architecture, and….digital/video games.”

After Effects

After Effects allows motion keying on multilayered composites such as matting effects, tracking, metamorphose, manipulation of audio files, motion and time stretching and 2-D animation on both still and moving images. Users can import multilayers from Photoshop and Illustrator, thus allowing for the application of motion effects to each layer separately.


Flash allows the creation of motion graphics by nonprogrammers. Flash’s advantage is that it creates bandwidth-friendly vector outputs. Flash CS4 added Inverse Kinematics for animating jointed figures and Flash CS5 added physics to apply naturalistic effects, like when an ball is bouncing or an object is brought to a halt.


Photoshop allows for the animation of layers through the animation panel, which isn’t visible by default. To open click on “Window” and then “Animation.” Each layer or configuration of layers is converted to a frame. You control what is seen by turning on or off the layers elements. An example is a shadow added to an image; you can turn off the shadow element and just show the image in a frame, then in another frame turn the shadow element back on to show both the image and the shadow.

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Fireworks is able to create vector and bitmap graphics and then animate them for special effects on the web or mobile applications. Motion graphics may be applied to banners, button and objects. Fireworks users can make their animations interactive by creating hot spots and adding a URL or action.