List Of Animation Jobs

Animation jobs require artistic skill and computer knowledge.

The animation industry consists of cartoons, video games, computer graphics and any other artistic imagery brought to life on a screen. The popularity of computers and computer-based graphics has caused the industry to swell to the point that many new career choices are available. Many colleges and universities offer courses in animation. Most animation jobs require a good deal of artistic skill and knowledge of computers. The ability to take a creative thought and turn it into a compelling image is needed to excel in this field.

Technical Artist

As the name suggests, a technical artist offers technical support to various members of the animation team. He will combine and optimize graphics from different sources, perform research and development and develop new techniques to solve any product and creation challenges. He will often act as a negotiator between programming and design to develop pipelines that will support a game feature.

3D Artist

A 3D Artist creates objects and characters in a three-dimensional layout and adds visual effects to achieve a more realistic overall look. Many 3D artists are employed in the entertainment industry. Their job is to create special effects for television shows and movies. They are also called upon to create 3D models for animation or the animation itself. Some examples include video games, logos and computer-generated blueprints for engineers or architects.

User Interface Designer

A User Interface Designer must be competent in HTML, Flash and other computer publishing platforms and processes. She will create and organize complex user interfaces for a number of different computer applications. She will also conduct usability tests to ensure every interface is user-friendly.

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Storyboard Artist

A Storyboard Artist provides the first visual sample of what a cartoon or other piece of animation will look like. He produces a series of comic-strip-style drawings depicting storylines, characters and scenes to reflect what the finished product will look like.

Texture Artist

A Texture Artist is responsible for developing the texture in the characters and landscapes of cartoons, video games, etc. His job is to bring the animation to life and make it look real. A Texture Artist will often scan photos of different textures into his computer, then apply them to the animation environment.