List Of Girl Scout Badges

Girl Scouts practice many outdoor skills such as compass reading to earn their badges.

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America welcome girls of all ages into its troops. Junior Girl Scouts, girls ages 9 to 11 in the fourth and fifth grades and above, can complete activities to earn badges for their Girl Scout sashes. The 117 badges cover a wide variety of hobbies, experiences and skills and are organized into nine categories.

Girl Scout Basics

Four badges are in the Girl Scout Basics category: The Cookie Connection, Girl Scouting Around the World, Girl Scouting in My Future and Girl Scouting in the USA. To earn these badges, girls must read and learn about Girl Scouting culture and practices.

Adventures in Girl Scouting

The Adventures in Girl Scouting category has 10 badges: Business-Wise, Careers, Global Awareness, Humans and Habitats, Lead-On, Model Citizen, Money Sense, On My Way, Traveler and World Neighbors. Though they are called “adventures,” the activities focus on teaching girls behave in real-world situations.

It’s Great to Be a Girl

Focusing on self-awareness, the five badges in It’s Great to Be a Girl aim to empower girls with knowledge. The badges in this category are Becoming a Teen, Being My Best, Consumer Power, It’s Important to Me and Looking Your Best.

Family and Friends

This category has nine badges: Across Generations, Caring for Children, Celebrating People, Communication, Healthy Relationships, Local Lore, My Community, My Heritage and Pet Care. These badges encourage Girl Scouts to focus on their relationships with others who are close to them or part of their community.

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Stay Safe

Stay Safe badges include Car Care, The Choice is Yours, First Aid, High on Life and Safety First! The badges in this grouping encompass a broad range of health and safety issues, from drugs and peer pressure to best practices in car, bike and wilderness activities.

Be Healthy, Be Fit

As opposed to the physical health aspects of the Stay Safe badges, the Be Healthy, Be Fit badges focus on sports and ways to reduce stress and incorporate fitness into everyday life. This category has 12 badges: Adventure Sports, Court Sports, Environmental Health, Field Sports, Food Power, Fun and Fit, A Healthier You, Highway to Health, Sports Sampler, Stress Less, Walking for Fitness and Winter Sports.

Let’s Get Outdoors

Focusing more on camping and wilderness awareness than sports, this category has 18 badges: Camp Together, Earth Connections, Eco-Action, Finding Your Way, Frosty Fun, Hiker, Horse Fan, Horse Rider, Outdoor Cook, Outdoor Creativity, Outdoor Fun, Outdoors in the City, Plants and Animals, Small Craft, Swimming, Water Fun, Wildlife, and Your Outdoor Surroundings.

Create and Invent

Create and Invent is the largest category, with 26 badges, many of which incorporate professional fields: Architecture, Art in 3-D, Art in the Home, Art to Wear, Books, Camera Shots, Ceramics and Clay, Collecting Hobbies, Creative Solutions, Dance, Discovering Technology, Doing Hobbies, Drawing and Painting, Folk Arts, Jeweler, Making Hobbies, Math Whiz, Ms. Fix-It, Prints and Graphics, Puzzlers, Sew Simple, Theater, Toymaker, Visual Arts, Write All About It, and Yarn and Fabrics.

Explore and Discover

The 15 badges in the Explore and Discover category are among the most diverse, spanning many fields of science as well as leisure activities such as music and cooking. These badges are Aerospace, Computer Fun, Globe-Trotting, Let’s Get Cooking, Making It Matter, Making Music, Music Fan, Oil Up, Rocks Rock, Science Discovery, Science in Everyday Life, Science Sleuth, Sky Search, Water Wonders and Weather Watch.

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