Make 3 Dimensional Photo Greeting Cards

Make 3 Dimensional Photo Greeting Cards

Make three-dimensional photo cards with a little imagination and lots of creativity. There is no hard and fast rule detailing how they should be made, so their creation leaves plenty of opportunities for you to play with materials and embellishments. Share memories of family vacations, celebrate the holidays or turn a simple photo of just about anything into a clever work of art. Children and adults can spend an hour or two making a number of different three-dimensional cards as projects for any occasion.


1. Purchase white card stock at office supply or craft stores. Cut one sheet on the paper cutter into a 10-inch by 7-inch piece. Fold it in half and make a crease for a 7-inch by 5-inch blank card.

2. Attach a photograph of your choice to the front of the blank card with double-sided tape.

3. Add related embellishments to turn the photograph into a three-dimensional photo card. For example, on a photo of a fishing stream attach peel and stick puffy fish jumping out of the water. If you have a photo of a beach scene, you can add real sand with hot glue to the parts of the photo that show sand. A photograph of a vase on a table with flowers can have small fake flowers added over the photo flowers with dabs of hot glue.

4. Write a personal message inside the card with a pen or markers that is related to the photo on the card.

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