Make 3d Animated Movies Online

3D animation is becoming more accessible to the non-professional.

Creating 3D computer animations no longer is expensive. In fact, several options make it possible for anyone with a little talent (and a lot of patience) to do so for free. Programs such as Blender and Art of Illusion are open source. Daz Studio comes in pay and free versions, both of which provide a simpler way for the novice animator to get started creating 3D animations.


Daz Studio Tabs > Timeline, then move the timeline wherever it would be convenient by clicking and dragging. Click on any frame in the timeline other than the first one. Click on the character and give her a different pose.

4. Click on Render > Render Settings. Click on “Make Movie.” Mark the start frame as Frame 1 and the end frame as the last frame in your animation (the default is 30, which is one second of animation). Choose whether to output a movie file or an image series; name the file; and choose a folder in which to save you rendered file. Click accept. Click on Render > Render.

5. Study your animation and practice animation and camera movement by re-doing your animation until it looks the way you want.

Art of Illusion Jump to Time, then type “30” into the prompt. Move the ball to a new position.

9. Click on Scene > Render Scene.


10. Download Blender from the link in the resources section. Run the installation program.

11. Open the program and study the interface. Go to the Blender website and watch its tutorial, which explains the interface.

12. Download Blender figures from online or take the time to learn create your own and rig them with a skeleton to enable animation.

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