Make 3d Glasses

You will need extra 3D glasses if you invite over a group of friends to watch a 3D movie together.

All you need to enjoy classic 3D media are bi-colored 3D glasses. Many movies, such as “JAWS 3-D” were released in classic 3D — also called anaglyphic 3D — which employs bi-colored lenses as opposed to the polarized lenses now used in movie theaters. Also, 3D videos are available on sites such as YouTube. All you need to watch these videos in the comfort of your own home are bi-colored 3D glasses. You can buy them online, but why wait when you can make them yourself for a fraction of the price?


1. Download a 3D glasses pattern (see Resources). Print it and cut it out. Cut out the eye holes as well.

2. Place the pattern on a piece of paperboard. Trace the pattern onto the paperboard. Cut it out. Cut out the eye holes as well. Attach the sides to the main part with clear tape.

3. Cut a piece slightly larger than the eye hole of the pattern from the red acetate sheet. Do the same with the blue acetate sheet.

4. Tape the red acetate cut-out over the left eye hole. Tape the blue acetate cut-out over the right eye hole.

5. Put the 3D glasses on and test them by looking at a 3D video (see Resources).

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