Make 3d Objects With Paper

Origami is a striking example of 3D paper art.

Paper folding, or origami, is an ancient art form where all kinds of shapes are made from paper. Artists make beautiful 3D objects simply by folding simple piece of paper. Toys, cars, spaceships, buildings and animals can be created from paper modeling software, books and blogs. The simplest models require no knives, scissors or glue. Here are the instructions for an origami heart that actually “beats!”


1. Cut an 8 X 11 piece of pink or red copy paper into an 8-inch square. Fold it exactly in half and exactly in half again.

2. Open the piece of paper again into a rectangle with one visible crease. Turn the paper so that it looks like a “book” with the “binding” on the left hand side. Take the bottom left hand corner of the “book” and bring it up to the crease in the middle. Make a triangle by bringing the left hand bottom corner up to the right edge of the paper at the crease. Make a crease. The “book” now has a point at the bottom. Turn the paper around. Do the same thing with the top part of the “book.” Your “book” is now a triangle with two inside flaps.

3. Turn the triangle over to the other side. Point the triangle to the left, with the straight side on the right. Take the bottom point and bring it up to the top point. Do not fold it there. Instead, sweep the point clockwise from 12:00 to 3:00. The top edge of the paper should meet the center crease. Fold and crease.

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4. Turn the figure around to where it looks like a triangle with a point hanging down at the bottom. Continue turning it a quarter turn to where the point is pointing left. Take the bottom edge of the bottom triangle and bring it up to the center crease. Fold and crease. The figure should now look like a perfect square on the diagonal.

5. Turn the paper over. You should see the square with a small triangle inside of it. Take the bottom left top flap of the square and bring it up to the center crease. This will create a tiny sliver of a triangle. Fold and crease. Do the same to the opposite side. Open these triangular flaps like small window shutters. You will see a little hood at the top.

6. Pull this hood up and out. Bring the two “shutters” in to the center crease and the hood up. The inside figure looks like a small fortune cookie. Fold and crease this to form a “kite.”

7. Turn the top of the kite down and crease at the center fold. Bring it back up into place. Take the bottom right leg of the kite and the square under it up to the center fold. Do the same thing with the left leg. Now fold the right leg in half on itself and the left leg in half on itself. Crease these folds. Turn the paper around. The paper now looks like a heart with a collar and several flaps.

8. Take the right skinny flap under the right side of the collar and tuck it in behind the flap just under it. Do the same with the other side. Make a small triangular flap on each side of the square to “round off” the heart. Turn the figure over to the other side. There is your heart! Squeeze the flap in the back to make the heart “beat.”

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