Make 3d Pictures

Three-dimensional pictures can be made using pictures from a standard camera.

Though three-dimensional pictures require special glasses to view, they can be made using any image-editing program that can work with color channels. By taking two pictures from slightly different perspectives and manipulating their color channels, a type of 3D known as anaglyph 3D can be created. When viewed through 3D glasses with one red and one cyan lens, each eye picks up part of the image that would normally be intended for the other eye, and the image changes from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.


1. Take a picture of the person, place or object that you want to make a 3D picture of, using a tripod to keep the camera steady if necessary.

2. Move your camera approximately 2 to 4 inches to the left or right and take another picture. Do not turn or tilt the camera in any way; keep the camera at the same height and angle from the groundthat you used for the first picture.

3. Copy or scan the two pictures onto your computer. Open your image-editing software and then load both of your pictures using the “Open…” command in the “File” menu so that you can work on them side by side.

4. Identify which of the two pictures was taken more to the left and which was more to the right. Click on the left picture to select it, and then click the “Channels” option in the palette toolbar to see the color channels associated with the image.

5. Disable the blue and green channels in the left side image by clicking the “Visible” boxes beside them to turn off visibility. Use the square selection tool or the “Select All” function in your program’s selection menu to choose the entire image, and then press the “Ctrl” and “C” keys on your keyboard at the same time to copy the image.

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6. Click on the right picture to select it, disabling the blue and green channels just as you did for the left picture. When only the red channel is visible, press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys on your keyboard to paste the image that you copied from the left picture; this will overwrite the red channel data of the right picture with the data from the left.

7. Turn the blue and green channels on again. Because you replaced the red channel of the image, the image will now be showing the red channel of the left picture and the combined blue and green channels of the right picture. This will create the red/cyan anaglyph effect that can be viewed through 3D glasses.

8. Use the “Save As…” command in the “File” menu to save your anaglyph picture under a new name, and then close your image-editing program.