Make 3d Talking Characters Free

If you have a website or a business you would like to advertise on the Internet, you know that getting visitors (and repeat visitors) to view your site or your ad is the key to success. One way to ensure that you have the attention of those viewers is to use gimmicks that amuse or amaze them, such as talking 3D characters. At one time, making 3D characters talk was work for a major production company and would cost you a small fortune. However, with the release of the freeware program Daz Studio, and its “Lipsync utility, it is possible for anyone to create 3D talking characters for free.


1. Go to and download and install the freeware version of Daz Studio. Also download the Victoria 4 free figure. You might also want to purchase and install a texture, a hair prop and some clothing for the figure.

2. Record an audio file to your computer, saying something you want your character to say. Try to speak clearly, and use a good quality microphone that minimizes noise and hiss. Save the audio in WAV format.

3. Open Daz Studio. Go to the “Library” folders on the left of the interface and browse to find the Victoria 4 figure. Load it into the scene. Now browse to find the textures, hair and clothing. Drag all of these items onto the character and they will be automatically applied to it.

4. Click on the “Lipsync” tab to open it, then click on the “load” icon and browse to the sound file you want to use. Select it and click “Open.” Click “Analyze.” In the dialog that pops up select the figure (Victoria 4) in the scene you want to apply the audio file to. This will apply the audio files to the figure.

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5. Click on the “Open Timeline” button and click play in the timeline window to preview the animation. Save your work. Click on the “Render” tab at the top. In the “Render Settings” on the right select “Render Movie” and choose the size, file type and quality settings. Then “Render” to make an animation of your 3D talking character.