Make 3d Typography

Create 3-D text with photo editing software.

To make type faces more dynamic and interesting, you may want to consider adding certain effects to them, such as a 3-D effect. This effect allows the type to appear pronounced, as if it’s extruding or popping up from the page. Complex 3-D graphics applications aren’t necessary, as you can create this effect with simple photo editing software on a PC or Mac.


1. Open the photo editing software and create a new document. If you want to add color to the background before adding text, add a new layer. Select the layer and choose the effects and color options under the “Layer Styles” menu.

2. Add another layer. Select the “Text” option and type in your text. Choose a large size and thick font, as they tend to be more effective with the 3-D effect.

3. Select the type by either clicking and pressing Ctrl (for PCs) or pressing Command (for Macs). Create a new text layer below the text layer you are working on. Fill the lower layer with black.

4. Select the move tool. Press Alt + Shift and hit the down arrow key until the black layer appears below your text. This will create an extruded look for your text. Go to the “Layer Styles” menu and select the “Gradient Overlay” option for the black layer.

5. Duplicate the black layer. Select “Add Noise” from the Filter menu to give it a bit of texture. Choose the “Soft Light” option in “Layer Styles” to blend the colors together.

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