Make 3d Yoyo Games

Many people love to play online games. Until recently, these games were primarily in the Flash format, which meant that if you actually wanted to make such a game for others to play, you had to use the expensive and complex Adobe Flash application to create them. This also required the game creator to learn ActionScripting. However, with the introduction of the YoYo Game Maker application, which uses a different format than Flash, it became possible for anyone to make an interactive game. Rather than directly coding, the Game Maker user employs presets to make a game.


1. Draw out on paper what you want your game to look like and how it will work. Storyboard the action. Make a list of any graphics you will need and load them onto your computer, saving them all to a single folder.

2. Click on the Game Maker shortcut on your desktop to start the application.

3. Go to the buttons under the menu and click on the “Create a Sprite” button. In the dialogue box that appears, click on the “Load Sprite” button. Browse to the folder you saved you images to and select one. Name the sprite and click “OK.” Repeat this step to bring in all of your sprites.

4. Click on the “Create and Object” button. In the dialogue box that appears, choose one of your sprites and name the object.

5. Go to the event panel in the middle and click on the “Event” button. Choose from the options the ones you want, such as “Mouse,” Collision” or “Destroy.” The first one you add should be “Create.” Some events will have drop-down options to choose from. For example, the “Collision” option will ask you to choose the object the current object will collide against.

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6. Go to the “Actions” presets on the far right and drag the ones you want to use in the “Actions” panel. For each of these, you will have to choose attributes. For example, if you choose the “Move Fixed” action, a dialogue box will appear letting you define the range of movement for the object when the related event occurs. Click “OK.”

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all of your sprites. One of these needs to be the sprite that will form your room.

8. Click on the “Create a Room” button. In the dialogue box that appears, select the sprite that will be used as “bricks” to build your room. Then click with the mouse to draw the shape of the walls. You can use any shape you like.

9. Save your work and click the “Run the Game” button. The game will be previewed. If you like the results, select “File” and choose “Create Executable.” Name the file and click “Save.”