Make A 3d Car Model

CGI and 3D models are extensively used in a number of media formats, from websites to commercials and TV programs. Almost all the major blockbuster movies of recent years used CGI scenes and 3D models. It used to be that only a studio would have the financial resources to create these models, but these days anyone can buy reasonably priced software that will do the job. This tutorial will show you make one of the most demanded 3D models, a 3D car. We will be using Hexagon to model the car, but any 3D modeling program will work.


1. Download a diagram of a car for reference from an online source such as The-Blueprints (see Resources).

2. Start Hexagon. In the Scene Panel, under Properties, select a grid you want to apply a reference image to, browse to the image and apply it. You can apply a side view to the back grid and a top view to the bottom grid. Use these images to help you make the car.

3. Go to Primitives and create a new cube on the screen. Select the front face and use the Fast Extrude tool to drag out the front to make the front hood area of the car. Select the back and top faces and extend them in the same way to make the top and trunk. Use the Universal Manipulator tool to move the points and lines around to better reproduce the exact shape and size of the car you want. If you need more polygons to create a curve across the hood, use the Slice tool to make extra slices running front to back.

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4. Use the Slice tool to cut extra lines across the hood, trunk and sides of the car. Select the polygons where the tires will go, and use the Extrude tool to extrude them inward.

5. Create a torus, and then use the Universal Manipulator tool to resize it to the size of a tire and place it in one of the tire wells. Copy this torus and paste it three times. Move the tires where they should go.