Make A 3d Diamond Shape In Adobe Photoshop

Create a 3D diamond shape using Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop has many uses aside from viewing and editing photos. You can create photo illustrations with a variety of filters, draw shapes and trace objects. To draw a 3D shape, begin by using the Custom Shape tool. Once you have the diamond shape looking the way you want it, you can add a 3D feature.


1. Click “File, New” in Photoshop to create a new document.

2. Choose the “Custom Shape” tool by holding down the “Rectangle” tool in the tool palette.

3. Click the arrow next to the “Custom Shape Picker” in the options tool bar at the top of the screen.

4. Click the right arrow to access a drop-down menu. Click “Shapes” to access the diamond shape. Click “OK” when prompted to replace current shapes.

5. Click the “Diamond” shape. Click and drag on the document to draw a diamond. If the diamond you draw is not filled with a color, select the “Pen” tool. Right-click the shape and select “Fill Path.” Choose a color to fill with.

6. Click the “Create New Layer” icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. Drag the new layer below the shape layer.

7. Press “Ctrl” (or “Command” on Mac) while clicking the shape layer in the Layers palette. This creates a selection around the diamond.

8. Click the “Select” menu. Choose “Modify, Expand.” Enter “40” and click “OK.” This expands the selection around the diamond.

9. Select the “Paint Bucket” tool. Click the “Set Foreground Color” button at the bottom of the tool palette. Choose a new color that you will use to fill the expanded shape (3D edges).

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10. Select the new layer in the Layers palette (“Layer 1”). Click the diamond to fill the outer edge of it with the new color you selected.

11. Press “Shift” and click the “Shape 1” layer. Now you have both layers selected. Click the “Edit” menu. Select “Transform, Perspective.” This will, as the name suggests, add perspective to the shape. Click one of the bottom corners of the bounding box and drag outwards. When you’re satisfied with the shape, press “Enter” to accept the change.

12. Click the “Move” tool (or press “V”) to move the shape up to the top of the document, as you’ll need to room below as you create the 3D shape.

13. Select “Layer 1.” Also make sure the “Move” tool is selected. Press “Ctrl+J” to duplicate the layer. Press the “Down” arrow on your keyboard to move the duplicated layer down slightly. Repeat this process many times until you’ve completed a 3D-looking shape. In the end, you may have up to 25 or so duplicated layers.

14. Select the top-most duplicated layer in the Layers palette, press “Shift” and select “Layer 1.” This will select all the duplicated layers. Press “Ctrl+E” to merge them. Now you have the completed 3D diamond.