Make A 3d Game

It is not uncommon for avid 3D game players to eventually dream of creating their own 3D games. Most 3D games are created using middleware software to speed up production. These packages have rendering, texture mapping and special effects functions. There are many software packages that help create a realistic game. If you are a hobbyist, look for an affordable, all-in-one solution.


1. Determine the type of 3D game you want to create, such as a shooter game or race game. Some game development packages include templates for certain game types. Decide if the game will be single or multi-player.

2. Purchase computer game development software, such as 3D Gamestudio, 3D Adventure Studio and 3D Cake Walk. Look for a package that includes a model/terrain editor, level editor, script editor and debugger.

3. Plan out the design of the game. This includes outdoor or indoor spaces for players to move around in. Use a level design tools to create different levels. Specify details in the game, including enemies, weapons, health and objects a player can pick up.

4. Create realism with artwork, graphic textures, sound, music and lighting. Some packages include a collection of artwork and textures.

5. Add scripting to determine what happens when a player triggers certain events. This includes interactions with non-player characters, such as fighting and dialog.

6. Test the game to work out the bugs. Make sure the player experience is unimpeded from start to finish.

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